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We bought a 1999 Damon Intruder Class A Motorhome and renovated it into our very own tiny home on wheels. Follow our adventures in tiny living!

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RV Renovation - Before

"I have felt the joy in moments when a lifelong dream was realized"

Traveling is something that has been very dear to our hearts since the beginning of our relationship. The mountain air and overcast skies continue to call to us. We always told ourselves that we would take at least one trip a year, but with our busy lives and having to pay for rent and other bills, we just haven't been able to travel as much as we would like to. I think living in a tiny home / RV had always been an idea of ours; something that we maybe would do someday. Well, we're doing it - now. We saved up for some time and bought a 1999 Damon Intruder with cash. We plan to renovate the inside and live in it full time. 

Toni Tillman2 Comments