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We bought a 1999 Damon Intruder Class A Motorhome and renovated it into our very own tiny home on wheels. Follow our adventures in tiny living!

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Decisions, decisions. That has been the name of the game with this motorhome. The space where the office is now was originally the dining area. It wasn't one of those cool dining areas with the built in booths though, so I think that made the decision to swap it for an office area a little easier. Toni works full time editing, and our son will be doing school fully online this upcoming school year, so a legit office space was a necessity. Bonus: the desk actually still doubles as an eating area. 

The desk was yet another diy project we designed on the spot. The legs are made with black iron pipe fittings, which are so wonderful for building furniture in a motorhome because you can just screw them right into the floor. The top is the Karlby butcher block from IKEA in walnut, which we did have to cut a smidgen to get it to fit perfectly. 

The chairs are actually just from Target. I think they are an amazing deal - set of two for less than $100. They are super modern looking and surprisingly comfortable. I have worked quite a few 8 hour edit days in these chairs already. 

So now, to get to the most important part of our office - our precious iMac. This was one of those things that really concerned us initially when thinking of living this mobile lifestyle; how the heck do we keep our iMac from being propelled into oblivion?! We thought about just drilling holes into the base of the Mac to bolt it into the desk, we though about getting one of those swivel wall mounts, we even considered just switching to a MacBook. Finally, Karlton stumbled upon this iMac locking system . It's a perfect solution for us, and we really love the minimal design.
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