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We bought a 1999 Damon Intruder Class A Motorhome and renovated it into our very own tiny home on wheels. Follow our adventures in tiny living!

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New couch!

So, after we built this couch, I had a little giggle to myself because literally like a week prior, I had answered someone's question on Instagram about our IKEA couch. They were like, 'how did you make that couch, its awesome!' and I was like, 'We didn't make that couch! We're good but we're not that good'! And then bam, we make this awesome couch. I really thought couches were way more complicated and challenging to make for some reason. Besides the IKEA couch, the tv stand that was here before was the only other piece of furniture that we didn't build from scratch. I really like knowing that we can still change our minds on how we want our layout and we can still switch things up. I dunno, I guess I kind of thought that since everything is securely screwed into the ground or the wall that we are just stuck with it the way it is. Not the case! 

I've always thought that the layout in most RVs are just so dysfunctional. It's always like, the couch is facing the kitchen, or you have to turn your head to watch the tv - I just don't get it. Okay, I get it, you're working with a little hallway's worth of space; theres only so many ways you can arrange everything to make it fit, but still. We really thought we had the best layout possible when we originally put our tv in, but the layout we have now with the tv underneath the loft and the extra couch is just ideal. It really feels like we have a designated 'living room' area that is separate from the rest of the motorhome. It feels like a tiny little New York apartment or something, it's so stinking cozy. 

We've ordered our custom seat cushion and now we're just waiting for it to get here. It's going to be so awesome to sit here and look out the window while going down the road. :)

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