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We bought a 1999 Damon Intruder Class A Motorhome and renovated it into our very own tiny home on wheels. Follow our adventures in tiny living!

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(Motor) Home for the Holidays!

It's been said before, and I'm gonna say it as well - it's the most wonderful time of the year. I freaking love Christmas! Being a photographer, I get to start the Christmas cheer early and not feel guilty about it. We get a ton of bookings for mini photo sessions, and it has really become an exciting time I look forward to all year. Everyone has their own Christmas traditions that help make the season bright, and as we head into our first holiday season living tiny, I thought we would share a few of ours with you all. 


First, and perhaps my favorite part of Christmas time, is the decorating. The wreaths, the garland, the lights, the pretty shiny things - give it all to me! The rest of the year I am a pretty hardcore minimalist, but during the holidays I am a total sucker for every little festive decor piece that really serves no other purpose than to take up space and look pretty. I knew I had to keep it somewhat under control since we are in such a tiny space now, and also because our home is on wheels and anything we put out will have be packed away at some point for driving. A little bit goes a long way in this little home of ours, and looking around and seeing all of these pieces everyday bring me great joy. Here's a few photos of our little home dressed up for the holidays! 


Our tree is so stinkin' cute, I cannot. Its actually just a 'tabletop tree', which just makes it even more adorable. I have it sitting on a darling little chair from my childhood that I borrowed from my mother, and it works perfectly. We can still put presents underneath when the time comes, and we just take it down and put it into the bathtub while we are driving. Admittedly, realizing that we were only going to have room for what is essentially the top of a tree chopped off was a little... discouraging for me. But bigger doesn't always mean better. Our baby tree still lights up our home and smells amazing, and it works for us. 

Christmas cookies were always a tradition in my family, and I want to keep that tradition going. It's a little tricky baking in such a small kitchen, but we make it work. Funny story - I bought myself a new cookie sheet pan specifically for Christmas cookies, and the darn thing doesn't fit in our mini oven. I gifted it to my mom (who has an entire cupboard dedicated to cookie sheets and definitely does not need any more) and she immediately said, "it doesn't fit in your oven, does it?". We had a good laugh about that! I do genuinely adore our tiny kitchen and even our micro oven, and I don't miss having more space than we need. 


Here is the recipe for these super fun Linzer cookies!

This motorhome is actually the first 'home' that Karlton and I have had together. We have always rented in the past, never owned. We worked really hard for this, and did a ton of work making it our own. Our first Christmas here is going to be a very special one, that's for sure! <3

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