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We bought a 1999 Damon Intruder Class A Motorhome and renovated it into our very own tiny home on wheels. Follow our adventures in tiny living!

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Loft Bed

One of the big things that was on our 'list' when we were shopping around for our motorhome was a designated area for David. It was basically going to be impossible for him to actually have his own room, and we knew that. However, we still wanted him to have a space that was his own and we also didn't want him to be sleeping on a couch every night. We loved the over cab bunks that Class A motorhome had, but for some reason every one that we looked at felt so much smaller inside than any Class A, and it also seemed like they had less storage and were more expensive in general. If we had a bigger budget, we might have been able to find a 'Super C' with bunk beds and the works - but obviously that was not the case. We narrowed our options down to an older Class A and we knew that we would just have to figure something out for where David was going to sleep. 

Once we officially found 'the one' and bought our motorhome, it made it a lot easier to really visualize and make plans for what we were going to build. We noticed that there was just an incredible amount of wasted space above the two seats up front, and we really wondered why Class A's don't typically come with that overhead loft like the Class A's do, because there is seriously so much room up there! The only thing that was up front originally was a gigantic tube tv from the 80's probably, and some cabinetry that really didn't offer that much storage. After being in the motorhome for a while, we figured out that we were going to rip all of that out and build..... some kind of loft bed there, we just had no idea how.

After basically all of our renovations were finished, we decided to tackle building the loft bed. Karlton drew up a simple sketch so that we could have a basic idea of what we were going for, and we headed to Lowes for the trillionth time. At this point, we had already built the desk out of the iron pipes, and that worked out so well that decided to go that same route with the bed. The desk iron pipes are the screw kind, and we had to know exactly what measurements we needed specifically for each individual piece or pipe. To save some money on the loft bed, we used a different kind of iron pipe called 'kee klamp'. We bought a bunch of 10 ft pipe and did all of the cutting ourselves - well, Karlton did all of the cutting, ha! We did all of the frame work first, and then did all of the woodwork. I'll link to the video we made about the loft bed below - Karlton is so much better at explaining how we built it because well, he is the mastermind behind all of this. I just sometimes hand him a screwdriver that is slightly out of reach or something. 

Here is the flexible plastic wall panelling that we used to cover the insulation and wires: Polywall

These are the iron pipes that we used: Kee Klamp Piping

This is the type of wood that we used throughout, just in different sizes: Whitewood

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