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DIY Iron Pipe Desk

We've received quite a few requests for a detailed how-to on our DIY desk, so here it is! Iron pipe fittings are a wonderful option for tiny homes, motorhomes, RVs - pretty much any home that is on wheels because of the fact that you can screw the bottom directly into the floor. This desk is a fun project; its kind of like putting puzzle pieces together! We chose to use the iron pipes that are threaded and screw into one another, but there are also the Kee Klamp type which are unthreaded and you tighten them together using an allen wrench. This desk is super sturdy, and we love that industrial rustic look. 

Shopping List:

Floor Flanges - 8

Threaded Tee - 7

3/4 inch black iron pipe fittings - 

24 inch pipe          -       4 of them

18 inch pipe          -        5 of them

4 inch pipe           -        6 of them


Our 'desktop' is actually just butcher block from IKEA. You can use practically any countertop that you like, but we really love the rustic element of the wood. We did have to cut ours to size in order to fit it snugly in the space that we have in the motorhome. We also washed and spray painted all of our pipe, flanges and tees, but it's not totally necessary to do that. We just wanted a more uniform look. 

Basically all you do once you have all of your pieces ready is screw them all together! We assembled our desk flipped upside down to start. We screwed in the five flanges into the desktop first, then screwed all of the legs together, flipped the whole thing over and screwed the bottom flanges into the floor. Easy peasy!