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We bought a 1999 Damon Intruder Class A Motorhome and renovated it into our very own tiny home on wheels. Follow our adventures in tiny living!

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Daily Life, Road Trip Plans

We've officially been 'living tiny' now for about two months. There was somewhat of a grey area that bridged the gap between a construction zone and a functional home, wherein we had moved out of our townhouse and into the motorhome but there were still plenty of projects that were far from finished. That period of time was a little hectic, but it truly was a labor of love. I remember in the thick of the renovation thinking that it would never end, that some projects were just going to be too big for us, that we had made a mistake thinking we could take on such a laborious endeavor. Even recalling all of those thoughts, looking back on it now - I can't say that I would be totally opposed to doing another reno! In fact, I've even found myself scrolling through craigslist looking for cheap campers or school buses. I follow so many other tiny home dwellers, whether it be school bus conversions, airstreams, other motorhome-rs; there's so much inspiration out there, its hard not to dream!

It has been so nice to just have a simple home life these days. Karlton still has his '9-5' Disney job, our weddings and other photo gigs are pretty slow this time of year, David doesn't start school until August, which we'll do right here at home. Our membership with Thousand Trails allows us to stay at any of their resorts in Florida or the entire east coast and midwest for 2 weeks at a time at $3 a night, so that makes it really easy to schedule where we are going to stay. It's actually pretty cool to pack up and move every couple of weeks. I use it as a wonderful opportunity to clean and rearrange my plants. I mean, maybe one day we will grow tired of it, who knows. In the future, we will be purchasing and installing solar with a ton of extra batteries so that we can boondock wherever we want, but for now we are enjoying having full hook up wherever we live. It really wouldn't be any fun to boondock in Florida anyways - its not like we have big open spaces or mountainous drives to pull off of or anything. We have weddings booked here through March, so we aren't really planning to move out west until next year. We do have plans for a month long road trip starting at the end of August though, which is super exciting! We're still researching on exactly which route to take, but essentially we want to make it up to Maine, do a loop around and come back down through the mid west to see some of our family. My husband is really spontaneous though, and he has already suggested that we might head all the way over to Montana before we start heading back, so I will just have to keep you posted on that, ha! 

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